In case you missed it, here are the Key Points from today’s Virtual Media Conference on COVID-19 – Saturday July 11th 2020

  • To date, 4,515 exemptions have been granted for TT Nationals to return home.
  • National Security Minister Stuart Young confirmed that over 200 Nationals are next on the list to return home. They include 79 TT Nationals in Grenada and some TT Nationals in Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and the Middle East.
  • Minister Young has been in contact with the United States Government on the issue of Student Visas. Those students whose courses are fully online may have to return home but must seek clarification from their University and the US Government. Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh also urged parents whose children are attending Universities abroad to purchase the appropriate health insurance for them.
  • As at Saturday July 11th 2020, over one thousand applications have been received from TT Nationals in the United States to return home. Minister Young noted an increase in the number of persons in the US seeking exemptions but priority will be given to those who applied earlier. Government is expected to make announcement on the return of some Nationals based there within the next week.
  • Persons seeking to leave T&T will be granted approval to do so. They can email:
  • Persons seeking to enter T&T can email:
  • Minister Young highlighted a complaint made by his staff that bribes are being offered to them to fast track their applications for exemptions. Bribes will not be accepted and he advised the Ministry staff to compile the names of persons offering bribes.
  • Minister Young rejected the Opposition Leader’s claims that PNM supporters are being allowed exemptions to return home in time for the August 10th General Election. He said each application is considered on a case by case basis and the process is carefully managed to protect citizens.
  • Minister Young stated that the Prime Minister has not sought an exemption for his daughter in New York, or any of his relatives based in California, to return home.
  • Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh stated that the Public Health Regulations also apply to political parties and candidates ahead of the General Election. The number for gatherings remains at 25 per group on walkabouts, cottage meetings etc. Everyone must wear a mask, walk with hand sanitisers, and practice cough etiquette.
  • Minister Young stated that all 200+ persons coming in for the CPL will stay at one facility (Hilton Hotel) and will spend seven days in quarantine on their arrival before they begin training. The Ministry of Health has tight protocols in place to manage the players and their entourages. No spectators will be allowed on the ground so there is little chance of spread.
  • Ninety nine (99) persons quarantined at various facilities in T&T are expected to be discharged later today. The following is the breakdown:
    CASCADIA: 18
    NAPA: 21 health care workers who completed their tours
  • Another hotel, near the Piarco International Airport, will be used as a State Quarantine facility. It is a 70-room facility that can accommodate families returning home.
  • 2,059 Public Sector Community Tests have been conducted, and 1,507 Private Sector Community Tests have been conducted.