Government Information Division


To produce credible, educational and entertaining multimedia products that meet the needs of the government and people of Trinidad and Tobago.


To become the leading Public Information Agency providing for the developmental and cultural needs of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago in the rapidly changing arena of Communications Technology.

Key Strategic Intent

The Government Information Division must position itself as the key vehicle for disseminating Government information and become the main provider of information to all its stakeholders.


  • To increase the awareness of the work of the Division among our various stakeholders (Ministries and Government Agencies, Media, Non-Governmental Organisations and Faith-Based Organisations, Educational Institutions and the general population of Trinidad and Tobago);
  • To position the Division as a trusted source of information;
  • To produce programmes and printed material which will inform and educate the population on the Government’s vision;
  • To build institutional strengthening.


In the 1940’s the British Government set up the Colonial Office of Information in Trinidad. This specialized agency was created to handle the dissemination of official government information. Its main function was to keep the population informed about what was happening during World War 11. It received all its information from the British Government through the Colonial Office in London.

At that time the colony had a semi-representative form of Government with the Governor acting as the Queen’s representative and a Legislative Council. The Public Relations Officer was seen as the link between the representatives and the people.

After Independence, the new Government now had the responsibility to its own citizens and the late Dr. Eric Williams established a Unit to do this and he called it the Public Relations Unit of the OPM.


  • Press and Advertising
  • Radio (GBU)
  • Photography
  • Publications and Library
  • Accounts
  • Film and Film Distribution

Film Unit

The Film Unit was operating out of St James while the Government Broadcasting Unit (GBU) was located in Trinidad House, Edward Street. The other Units were located at the Whitehall in St Clair.

In the early 1980’s, the property at 13-15 St Clair was purchased to house the entire Information Division with the exception of the Film Unit which stayed in St James and the GBU which stayed at Trinidad House.

The Division moved from St Clair in 2003 to Agra Street, St James. In 2004, the Division was moved to Park Plaza, Corner Park and St Vincent Streets, Port of Spain and in 2017 moved to its current location at TIC Building, Morvant.

Television Unit

The primary function of this Unit is to produce programmes that project the goals, objectives, policies and achievements of government, its agencies and state enterprises.

The Film Unit started in 1962 operating from St James. In 1988, the Unit was converted to a Television Unit. Government events are covered for archiving and producing television programmes for public airing according to the Telecommunications Authority Act.

Radio Unit

The primary function of this Unit is to produce programmes that project the goals, objectives, policies and achievements of government, its agencies and state enterprises.

Press/ Public Relations Unit

This Unit is responsible for producing press releases and other publications. It conceives, designs, prepares, edits and produces publications such as pamphlets, leaflets, brochures, posters, newsletters etc. of national interest. It monitors the public’s
response to government policies and programmes and provides support (protocol and event management) and consultancy services to other Ministries.

During the 1980’s the Press/PR Unit was supervised by the Press Officer III with each officer having the responsibility to act as a liaison between the Ministries they were assigned to and the Division. In the 1990’s, both Press and Public Relations Officers were relocated and worked from the Ministries they were assigned to. This ceased at the end of the decade as no vacancies were filled.

Photographic Unit

This Unit has primary responsibility for providing photographs of government officials and events for government offices, schools, non-governmental organisations (NGO’s), oversees missions and the public. It also provides photographic coverage for the President, Prime Minister and other Ministries.

The Photographic Unit was established around 1962 and was located in the Whitehall compound. The main purpose was to do coverage of the Prime Minister, President and governmental activities.

The Unit was using Film to take photographs, had their own studio and darkroom facilities used to process film and do photofinishing. The unit covered assignments of ministries official events and these photographs were sent to the media as well as archived.

The Photographic Unit moved into 13-15 St Clair in the early 1980’s and was equipped with the same facilities and continued with the work they were doing at Whitehall. The Unit eventually started using digital equipment around 1998, slowly moving away from film and now operates solely on digital.

The Unit has undertaken a project which commenced in mid-2014 to archive assignments done on film and convert them to digital. This is an ongoing process.


At present, the Information Division is located at TIC Building, Lady Young Road, Morvant.