In case you missed it, here are the Key Points from the Media Conference hosted by Prime Minister Dr the Hon Keith Rowley- Friday July 31st, 2020.

Dr Rowley announced the following changes:

▪️Government has decided to reduce the number of persons who can gather in public spaces in a bid to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This as the presence of COVID-19 clusters now exist in Trinidad and Tobago.

▪️Congregation in public spaces will now be reduced to groups of ten (10). However the numbers for funerals, religious gatherings will remain unaffected. Persons are reminded to physically distance and wear masks. The Police Service will be called on to enforce the new Public Health Guidelines on congregations.

▪️Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) exam preparation classes will remain unchanged for now. This will remain under active watch over the next 72 hours as the contact tracing exercise continues.

▪️Permanent Secretaries in the Public Service will be asked to reduce the number of public servants required to work at any one time through a rotation system for the next fourteen days. This will reduce the daily workforce by 50 percent.

▪️Active cases have been linked to Bars. As a result Bars, Restaurants and Public Transportation will be placed under active watch and adjustments will be made as necessary.

▪️Dr Rowley appealed to Political Parties to adhere to the new public space gathering limit of 10.

▪️On the subject on exemptions, Dr Rowley stated that government continues to carefully address exemptions as the borders remain closed. He also announced the following figures:As of July 29th, 2020:

▪️Exemptions for Entry:

Number of persons seeking exemptions to enter Trinidad and Tobago:5539

Number of exemptions granted: 2250

Number of individuals awaiting exemption: 3289

▪️Exemptions for Exit:

Number of persons seeking exemptions to leave Trinidad and Tobago: 5580

Number of exemptions granted:3556

Number of persons finalizing travel arrangements to leave: 2024

▪️Exemptions to enter Trinidad and Tobago have been granted from 40 countries.